Mon Laferte


    Real Name: Norma Monserrat Bustamante Laferte Mon Laferte (born May 2, 1983 in Viña del Mar, Chile) is a Chilean singer and songwriter She started in music very early, at the age of 13 she entered the music conservatory in Viña del Mar to study voice and music for 4 years, during this time Monserrat sang in several stages, for example in the Chilean TV show called "Rojo, Fama Contra Fama". In 2003, she released "La chica de rojo", achieving platinum status, with this album she conquered several latin countries. In 2009 she released a single called "lo mismo que yo" which positionated into the top tracks is chilean radios; She currently lives in Mexico, in 2011 she released his first album under the pseudonym of "Mon Laferte", acquiring a brand new style both musical and visualy. Official Website: Official Twitter: Read more...

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    Genres: Pop Rock | Female Vocalists | Latin | Chile | Rock |

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